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Bathroom Enclosures


Megla slider A
Centec tub
Bi fold no radius
Door panel on tub
Bi fold hinged spray panel closed
Serenity with 90 deg return 1
Serenity with 90 deg return
Serenity on tub
Serenity at shower
Serenity at shower MBL
Serenity at shower 2.jpg
Megla Icetec with return
Essence tub
Centec shower slider
Centec Select on tub
Essence slider at shower closed
Euro slider
Essence shower with 90
Spray panel with channel
Single door
Bi fold hinged spray panel closed
Bi fold hinged spray panel
hinged spray panel radius
Bi fold no radius
Fixed spray panel full height
HInged spray panel
Small neo 2
Neo with PPH pivot hinge
neo with pivot hinge
Neo with pony wall
neo with mirrored cabinet
neo pony glass to glass
neo small
neo full height
Door, panel 135 transom
Door pony panel neo
large neo
Neo and 90 pony
Example of large clip for glass to glass application
large neo 2
Pony panel door, polished pull in lieu of handle hardware
Pivot hinge, glass to wall
Panel, ridgt hinged door, typical size
Panel, door for steam with transom
panel door panel with channel
Panel door panel header acid etch
panel door panel glass to glass 1
panel door panel acid etched a

We specialize in all custom bath enclosures, including tub, shower, steam shower and water closets.

Let our design team get started today, we can superimpose your specific production drawings onto a picture of your space for visualization.

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